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Pyle Media PLCM32 Monitor Screen with rearview Camera


Pyle Media PLCM32 Monitor Screen with rearview Camera

"Pyle Media PLCM32 Monitor Screen with rearview Camera" is a great Media Pyle, built to have anything you want. Below you will find detailed description and owner contact information plus photos, technical specifications, prices and similar Accessories mobile phones with additional accessories for sale.

Category: Accessories mobile phones | Listed: December 9, 2017

Technical specifications and description for this Accessories mobile phones Pyle Media PLCM32 Monitor Screen with rearview Camera

Pyle PLCM32 Monitor Screen with rearview Camera. Control your vehicle, you park quickly and safely in a single niche!! Description of the screen: – automatic Switching. Monitor thin 3.5 (8.9 cm) TFT LCD display – Brightness: 200 cd/m2 – Output standard: NTSC Compatible. Trigger automatically when the car goes in reverse – contrast Ratio: 200:1 – Power supply: 12V DC – Two video inputs – Dimensions: H 9,65 cm x L 8.9 cm x w 1.8 cm. Description of the camera: – Low Illumination: 1,0 Lux – view Angle: 170 degrees – automatic Adjustment of the picture – distance-Scale-integrated – Sensors-d picture: 580 x 540. Resolution: 420 TV lines – back-up Camera CMD 1/3 – Waterproof, IP rating: 68 – video Cable RCA male male 5.2 m – video Output: RCA 1.0 VPP – 75 OHM – camera Dimensions W 1.7 cm x H 1.7 cm – P 2.3 cm. This kit includes a view camera waterproof with night vision and universal mounting, and a screen for the inside of your car. The camera s easy to install, no matter where on your vehicle, including near your plate of registration or on the rear bumper, and gives a picture perfect video on an RCA jack. Connect the monitor in your car, and you will be able to see everything that happens behind you on the screen! Perfect for parking in tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited – c is as if you have a look additional in the back. This small and durable camera will keep you safe and because you will always know what is going on around you. Convenient, easy and affordable. Pyle PLCM32 Monitor Screen with rearview Camera and Works impeccable, the goal being for me to fix the camera via a suction cup to the windshield back.Note that it is necessary to connect the camera to the video jack (not camera). Excellent, for the moment. J took me three weeks for the install because I had a little bit of time in the evening. It is necessary to think of the connection on the car and the journey in the cable in the cabin.Plan to extend the cables of power.I have connected the camera and the screen on the fire positions. I can so visualize constantly what is going on behind my car, especially when I tow my trailer.I’ve just done 600 km away, and the camera works very well.As long as this continues… J I make the purchase and I am not very satisfied , I have everything wired in my truck at the end of the installation I the test works once then I would re test and nothing more the screen does light up more , the more sign of life . Otherwise the camera is not bad and goes everywhere . But the level of quality of the screen c is really not the top of everything … even the back in … A small back-up camera, easy to install and fulfils its role well. Quality of image, of course, not revolutionary but, finally, for the modest price it should not ask for more ; and contrary to what I’ve been able to read elsewhere, one sees very well the same night.Fits perfectly to my expectation Who would have thought that for such a small price you could pay for a camera + screen a good quality.The camera has good night vision and the image on the screen is clear. The overall quality appears good and only time will tell. For the moment, without regret and I recommend it. Excellent report quality price, very effective. Good quality and brightness of the screen, the camera is small, strong and unobtrusive. Great buy, advisor

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Pyle Media PLCM32 Monitor Screen with rearview CameraPyle Media PLCM32 Monitor Screen with rearview Camera

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